Seattle Transmission Repair

High-Quality Transmission Repair at a fair price in Seattle on Aurora Ave.

Automatic Transmission Repair

Automatic transmissions are great for ease of the driving experience and drivers just expect them to work and are somewhat surprised when they don't.  If a driver notices that their vehicle in not shifting properly, taking a long time to shift or does not shift when it's cold, it's time to bring it to George's Transmission in Seattle. Their skilled transmission specialist will help you diagnosis what would repair your transmission in the most cost effective way possible.

It takes an experienced transmission expert to know if your automatic transmission needs a fluid cleansing, read the transmission module codes or know if communication with the cars computer has broke down.  Contact us today or call (206) 522-0962 to get help!

Transmission repair man

Manual Transmission Repair

Some people prefer the driving experience of a manual transmission.  Some like the economy of better gas mileage. Others like the feeling of being a race-car driver using a stick shift and clutch during their daily drive.  Either way, manual transmissions will not last forever and manual transmission problems arise.

Here are some common problems we hear about at Georges Transmission shop in Seattle.  Customers tell us their transmission is getting noisy and there is a weird, grinding, sound.  Another classic is your shifter will not shift into gear or even worse yet, it pops out of gear.  All really good signs that you will need to call George's Transmission and get a transmission expert to listen to you, test drive the car and recommend to you the best bang for the buck to getting you on the road with a functioning manual transmission.

Transmission Repair For Domestics, Imports, All-Wheel, 2-Wheel, SUV's or Sedan's

The specialist at Georges Transmission in Seattle have vast experience with all vehicle makes & models.  You name it; Ford, GMC, Chrysler, Toyoto, Honda, Nissan, Acura, Audi's, Mercedes, Volvo, Lexus, KIA, Hyundai, old, new, they've repaired them all.

After-a-while, with more experience fixing transmissions, our transmission staff can predict for you what's going to happen to your vehicle when the miles driven or towed start to pile up. Lot of times, we save customers thousands and thousands of dollars in costly transmission repair, by performing fluid fixes to clean their transmission out.

Make an appointment with George for a free review of your transmission problem.

4x4's, Trucks, 4-Wheel All Terrain Vehicles

We know you 4x4 'er's, you get into all types of driving trouble.  Whether you are getting water in your transfer case, driving on the highway with your 4x4 setting to low, or the wrong size tires that will cut the life of your trucks transmission.  We know how to repair truck transmission's or avert future transmission problems for your make and model.

We are a full service truck transmission shop equipped to handled the biggest of trucks.  Come by and get an experts opinion of the best way to repair your 4-wheel drive transmission system.