Servicing Your Transmission

Many times we can save you money with inexpensive routine transmission maintenance.

Transmission Fluid Drain & Replacement

Many times transmission problems, like clunking sounds, gear slippage on the highway or starting out, can be solved with clean transmission fluid.  Our experienced transmission technicians can analyze your transmission fluid and tell if there are more serious problems or if a fluid drain & replacement will correct your transmission problem without paying thousands of dollars.

For seriously neglected transmissions we recommend 2 visits.  The first transmission fluid change cleans out the metal fragments so that the second fluid change is much cleaner.  Make an appointment today.

Transmission fluid servicing

Transmission Filter Replacment

Every 25 to 30 thousand miles it is a very good idea to change your transmission filter.  We at George's Transmission recommend sooner then most dealers say especially with the newer cars computers that are prone to misreading the transmission magnet that captured metal debri.

Transmission Flush

A transmission flush is recommended for specific cars like old Nissan, Honda, Acura, Toyota and other Japanese vehicles. Regular Transmission service prevents a lot of problems.

Checkout our Transmission Service Special for only $129.99 for the vehicles listed above.  Get up to 5 Quarts of Transmission fluid included* Have an expert who knows the right transmission fluid for your vehicle.