Transmission Services For Typical Problems

We welcome all makes and models of autos and light trucks.

At George's Transmission it's fixed right the first time. We Guarantee it. Below are typical transmission problems and indicators we see at our transmission repair shop.

Potential Problems With Your Transmission

Many times transmission systems are ignored until there is a major problem. You can avoid major repairs through regular maintenance when you watch for these symptoms that indicate the onset of a potential problem.

  1. Hesitancy, delays or failures when shifting.
  2. Lagging or thumping when shifting.
  3. Increase in engine speed when you apply the gas, but the car doesn't move.
  4. Loss of transmission fluid, requiring constant replenishment.
  5. Pink, brown, or red puddles under your car.
  6. Any unusual noises such as grinding, whining, or banging when you accelerate.
  7. If your car won't move when it's cold, but improves when it's warmed up.
  8. Engine overheating.