High Performance Transmission Upgrades

Beef up your transmission with these upgrades to your drive train

Shift Kits To Augment Your Transmission

Want a transmission shift kit that can handle the high altitudes of the Cascade Mountains?  Looking to avoid burning out your transmission?  After much careful research we chose to specialize in Sonnax high quality shift kits.  Engineered to deliver improved acceleration and durabiity for long-lasting use of your vehicle.

Call George's Transmission repair shop at 206.522.0962 see what Sonnax product will be right for your car or truck.

Warehouse full of Transmission upgrades

The Transmission's Torque Converter

A bigger or newer Cooler systems will improve the overall performance of your transmission translating into longer life, safety and performance.  Transmission temperatures will remain in check while pulling heavier loads, over steeper mountains.

Many factors go into determining the righ one for your vehicles situation so call George's Transmission repair shop and we can give you an experts opinion on the right one for you.

Valve & Body Kit

We recommend replacing your valve & body with metal components vs. the many standard stock aluminum valve & bodykits out there which wear out quicker.  You can either have good, solid shifting that's well suited to towing, or you can have competition-style shifting. It's important to make the right choice.

We've researched and worked on the the best valve & body kit shift modification packages in the business. Call us today and we can provide our expertise to you over the phone.