Mechanical Services For Cars And Trucks

We provide a wide range of mechanical services for your transmission needs

Clutch Repair For for Foreign or Domestic Vehicles

Is your clutch missing or are you having to push the clutch pedal into the floorboards before your clutch engages?  Get back on the road again with a top-notch, clutch repair or replacement for your foreign or domestic vehicles.

Make an appointment with George's Transmission for a free review of your clutch problem.

Clutch repair

Front / Rear Differential Repair

Do you hear noise from the rear end or front end of your vehicle? Are you hearing grinding noises underneath your automobile?  It could be your bearings or your pinion gears.  If your bearings go bad that causes the grinding noise.  If your bearings go bad that could damage your ring & pinion gears.

George's Transmission repair shop has been offering professional rear end and differential repair service and parts to the greater Seattle area.

Transfer Case Repair

Drive a 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle?  Whatever you do, don't drive on the highway in 4 x 4 low or else you'll need to be seeing George's Transmission shop sooner rather than later.

The best way to check if your transfer case is bad is too have our transmission repair shop drain and check the fluid for metal pieces and other signs are experts know about. We will advise you on the best course of action to get your vehicle back on the road again.

Axle Repair / Replacement Experts

First, we'll go on the record and say we recommend axle replacement over axle repair because over the long run this is your best value.  Typically, if your car has lots of miles, axle seals and bearings begin to wear out.  Some signs that indicate your wheel axle bearing should be checked is if you hear a low humming sound and the more you drive the more the humming noise grows... especially at 35 to 45 MPH.

There are time when an axle shaft seal replacement will fix your axle and get you back on the road at a lower price.  Give George's Transmission repair shop a call at 206.522.0962 to get started.

Transmission Band Replacement

Only on certain vehicles do the Transmission Bands break.  If you drive Ford Escapes, Mercury Mariner, Cougar or the Mazda Tribute and 626 this could be a problem for you.

If your automobile does not shift into second or fourth gear chances are good it's a broken band.  Give George's Transmission a call at 206.522.0962 and we'll help you out.