Rebuilding Transmissions

Rebuilt automatic and standard transmissions for domestic and import cars, trucks and industrial applications.

Transmission Rebuild

We typically see this request from cars and trucks that have high mileage.  Over time metal fragments will get into the gears causing poor transmission performance when you experience lower MPG and weird sounds coming out from underneath the vehicle.  Other times the transmission will explode and lots of metal fragments get inside the transmission gears.

At George's Transmission repair shop we're equipped to rebuild your transmission by completely taking it apart, cleaning out metal fragments and replace gears and components where needed and put it all back together again.

We stand by our rebuilt transmissions and offer a 12 month or 12,000 miles guarantee to prove we mean it. 

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Photo of transmission rebuild in process

Used Transmissions

Buying a used transmission for your car or truck whether an automative or manual shifting has the potential to provide a savings in cost, money and time to install it.

However, the guarantee for used transmissions is provided by the wrecking yard and each one is different. At George's Transmission repair shop we provide used transmission inspections to provide guidance on your purchase before installation.  We are also experts at installing used transmissions for all makes and models.

Transmission Leaks

If your vehicle develops a transmission leak you may start to smell a burning aroma while driving around.  This can be a hole in your hose or a seal that has degraded beyond recognition.

Come see us at George's Transmission shop in Seattle and we can save you money by fixing the transmission leak correctly.